Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Odd Winter

Hello lovelies! The weather is bouncing around all weird again. Was very cold for the past couple of weeks and then as of Christmas it was 60 degrees again... I don't get it. If I didn't know any better I would've said it was May! What a very odd winter.
Any-who, I thought I would show you my outfit from earlier. It actually was not what I ended up wearing when I left the house to go see Moana. By the way was SUCH a good movie! I highly recommend going and seeing it. The story, the animation, the music, all beautiful and very original! (Lin-Manuel Miranda can do no wrong with his music, the man is a genius.)

My top is a gray long sleeve floral top from Pacsun, my skirt is from Kohls. Blue peacoat is from L.L. Bean and my heels are from Shoe Carnival.

with love,
ashley paige

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve OOTN

Hello lovelies! This is my Christmas Eve Outfit of the Night that I wore to dinner with my family last night. We had dinner up at my grandparents, exchanged Secret Santa gifts & sang lots of Christmas Karaoke songs!
It was such a fun evening and I'm glad we got to spend it all together as a family enjoying each other's company and having fun!
My Grandma got me for Secret Santa, and got me this BEAUTIFUL black wool 20's style hat. It will definitely be making an appearance here on the blog very soon!

I meant to take these photos outside but the sun had already gone down so it wasn't possible. Thank goodness for studio lighting & tripods! I'm wearing this cream lace dress I got from a second hand store but was originally from Forever21. I overlaid this gray tulle skirt from Kohls - Lauren Conrad Collection to give it a different look. Some navy tights & my gray Jessica Simpson pumps. My favorite new burgundy coat is from Kut From The Kloth. I just love the button detailing on the back and the ruffling on the front!

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families whether or not you chose to celebrate holidays, I just wish you all joy & happiness this year!

with love,
ashley paige

Friday, December 16, 2016

Woods comma Elle

Hello lovelies! Today's outfit is very pink, glamorous & Elle Woods inspired. Because let's be honest, anytime I watch Legally Blonde I just feel the need to wear lots of pink! haha 
I paired a simple ballet pink top with some dark skinny jeans and my heels from Shoe Carnival that match the shirt. I'm also wearing one of my favorite cardigan sweaters from Lauren Conrad's Kohls collection, and y'all I just gotta say it is one of the softest things ever! 

I'm trying to find more ways to wear this silver sparkly clutch from Charming Charlie and I think it worked quiet nicely with this outfit. Also with this being the holiday season I feel like it ties in very well! Maybe I'll just start carrying this around all times of the year? haha 

You all know I like to keep my jewelry relatively simple, so I just am wearing my pearl necklace and these really pretty diamond-pearl earrings. I am trying to branch out again and wear more exciting jewelry. I used to be really into wearing big and fun earrings, so over the years I've collected a small drawer full that I need to start wearing again! 

Hopefully I'll have some more Holiday related outfits up soon, but if not I apologize. I hope you enjoyed today's post though! Be sure to follow me over on my Instagram & Twitter, I tend to post quiet a bit over there! Also I've posted several new videos up on my YouTube channel, so go check those out as well! 

Happy Holidays!

with love,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hello lovelies! Yesterday in the mail I got my new burgundy over the knee boots from DSW which I am just so excited about! Honestly, don't expect me to wear any other shoes now that I have these haha
When coming up with today's outfit I put on the main pieces and then when it came to what jacket I wanted to wear, I couldn't chose between two so I decided to show how I styled the same outfit with just a change of jacket and it gives it such a different look! (Okay one jacket, one shawl but they both keep you warm so I'm considering both of them jackets haha)

For the base I'm just wearing a black long sleeved body suit with high rise skinny jeans from American Eagle. The first way to style this was with a burgundy plaid shawl. (Which might I just add, matches the boots PERFECTLY!) These two pieces have been on my wish list for a couple months, so now that I finally have both and can style them makes me very happy! This is definitely more of a girlier look, which is mostly my go to style these days.

Now on the other hand, I sometimes like to go for a more edgier look. Which is where the leather jacket comes in. Y'all know this is my favorite leather jacket from TopShop. I got this particular one several years ago so I don't believe they have it anymore, but I will list a similar one below!
I'm bringing back my favorite sunglasses from last year which are from Charming Charlie. I think they tie the outfit together very nicely!


Sunday, December 4, 2016


Hello lovelies! I have been posting lots of videos up on my YouTube channel & I have many more planned that are going to be posted during the month of December so be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I upload! 
This was a video I knew I wanted to do since hairstyle how-to's are some of my favorite videos to film. And with the holidays upon us, I wanted to give y'all some fun ideas for hairstyles you can wear to parties, get togethers, pictures or just to try out new hairstyles! 
These are super cute and really easy! If you do try any of these out, I would LOVE to see them! You can tweet them to me HERE or post a picture on instagram and tag me in it HERE

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Hello lovelies! I have gotten many many questions over the time that I've been growing out my hair, as to how I've gotten it so long & how I keep it so healthy. So to answer my most frequently asked questions, I went ahead and made a full video talking about everything I do/have done! 

As per usual, if you have any other questions I didn't answer in this video, be sure to leave them in the comments or you can tweet them to me HERE or send me an Instagram message HERE.

with love,