Odd Winter

Hello lovelies! The weather is bouncing around all weird again. Was very cold for the past couple of weeks and then as of Christmas it was 60 degrees again... I don't get it. If I didn't know any better I would've said it was May! What a very odd winter.
Any-who, I thought I would show you my outfit from earlier. It actually was not what I ended up wearing when I left the house to go see Moana. By the way was SUCH a good movie! I highly recommend going and seeing it. The story, the animation, the music, all beautiful and very original! (Lin-Manuel Miranda can do no wrong with his music, the man is a genius.)

My top is a gray long sleeve floral top from Pacsun, my skirt is from Kohls. Blue peacoat is from L.L. Bean and my heels are from Shoe Carnival.

with love,
ashley paige