Hello lovelies! Yesterday in the mail I got my new burgundy over the knee boots from DSW which I am just so excited about! Honestly, don't expect me to wear any other shoes now that I have these haha
When coming up with today's outfit I put on the main pieces and then when it came to what jacket I wanted to wear, I couldn't chose between two so I decided to show how I styled the same outfit with just a change of jacket and it gives it such a different look! (Okay one jacket, one shawl but they both keep you warm so I'm considering both of them jackets haha)

For the base I'm just wearing a black long sleeved body suit with high rise skinny jeans from American Eagle. The first way to style this was with a burgundy plaid shawl. (Which might I just add, matches the boots PERFECTLY!) These two pieces have been on my wish list for a couple months, so now that I finally have both and can style them makes me very happy! This is definitely more of a girlier look, which is mostly my go to style these days.

Now on the other hand, I sometimes like to go for a more edgier look. Which is where the leather jacket comes in. Y'all know this is my favorite leather jacket from TopShop. I got this particular one several years ago so I don't believe they have it anymore, but I will list a similar one below!
I'm bringing back my favorite sunglasses from last year which are from Charming Charlie. I think they tie the outfit together very nicely!