Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring Break Ready

Hello lovelies! I don't know about you, but I am totally a spring girl! When the sun starts getting warmer and the grass is turning green I just get all sorts of excited! Especially here, as per usual we have the weirdest weather ever and every other day its 75 degrees. (Not kidding, I wear shorts a good 3 days of the week) So when I found this outfit I knew it was going to be a hit in my book! Wearing it made me feel like I was getting ready for a beach day. When I showed my sister, Abby this outfit after saying how cute she thought it was she proceeded to say "You know.. This would be a perfect outfit for (dance) Nationals this summer!" And I could not agree more!!
This was actually my first time wearing an off the shoulder top and I now know that this year I'm going to be jumping on this train. I love it!
I also really love the look of having the top and bottom match. I think it just flows together very nicely and almost gives the illusion of a romper while still giving you the freedom to be able to pair the top and bottom with other things if you want.

And to top off the whole look I have on this dainty marble choker & matching bracelet, which are so beautiful and ties the whole look together.


with love,
ashley paige

*photography by Lamb and Meadow

Sunday, February 26, 2017

ten things

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, James from Bleubird Blog to make a ten things post. This one in particular is going to be a ten of my favorite things.

1. This Stylist Plumper Brow by L'Oreal. Honestly it blows my mind that like 3ish-4 years ago when I thought of buying brow gel I didn't, because this has changed my brow game. Makes them look incredibly natural while still darkening them a bit and enhancing the more sparse areas in the front. It's pretty much a mascara for your brows and I love it so. (Also L'Oreal has been one of my go-to brands since I started wearing makeup.)

2. The Mamas & The Papas. I don't think I had ever heard their music until last month when my mom showed me them. A couple of my favorite songs by them are "Go Where You Wanna Go", "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" & "Dedicated To The One I Love"

3. I'm probably the pickiest person when it comes to lip products & the color of said lip products. But I really love this one "Almost Famous" by NYX. It's the perfect pinky rose color, and on top of a nude lipliner is the perfect combo or just dabbing a bit of it on my lips to add a bit of color.

4. Duo Lash Adhesive. If you wear falsies a lot or are on the hunt for a good lash glue. Get this one. It comes in a tube with a brush so you just brush the glue on the lash and avoid having those horrible mishaps where you accidentally ruin your lashes by getting too much glue on them.

5. Olive Oil. For many purposes. I recently have been following a blood type diet and the oil that is beneficial for me is olive oil. I use this in replace of what I used to use coconut oil for. Makeup removal, moisturizer, hair mask & cooking purposes.

6. Jasmine Green tea. I'm an avid tea drinker & this one has been a favorite this past month.

7. These Jeans from Simply Couture.

8. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I've been using a disposable makeup sponge for who knows how long & finally went to Ulta to get a more high quality beauty sponge and I really love this one!

9.  Tangled. I've watched this movie 3 times this week.... Love it more and more each time I watch it.

10. The Head and The Heart. If you like the Lumineers or NeedtoBreathe. This is definitely a good mix of them. Some favorite songs of mine are "Homecoming Heroes", "Another Story" and "10,000 Weight in Gold"

with love,
ashley paige 

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Hello lovelies! Like I mentioned in my post earlier this week, my birthday was this past weekend & it was the best! I wrote all about it in my "twenty of my favorite things" post which you can go check out incase you missed it!
Today I'm sharing mainly pictures from how I decorated our kitchen/main eatery area. Not knowing my family had anything planned for me, I went ahead and decorated the way that I normally would with floral & vintage things. Come to find out, the next morning when I woke up, our game room/other eating area was decorated completely with Spider-Man decorations! It was possibly the best surprise ever! For those who don't know, I absolutely love Spider-Man and to have a Spider-Man themed birthday was just the best!
So to be able to utilize both amazingly decorated rooms, my parents & I had scones and tea for breakfast in the kitchen and later that night when we all got back from birthday festivities we ate cake in the Spider-Man room.

I actually vlogged the whole day which is that video right up there ^^ I also uploaded a vlog documenting the whole last week of me being a teenager, which I thought would be fun. All are on my channel HERE

 with love,
ashley paige

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

made with love

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty excited about today's outfit and that is because it is all full of new pieces! First let's start with this shirt. I recently got this adorable & oh so soft shirt from Shop Stevie and it's the best! This is actually the third time I've worn it this week, (not even sort of sorry.) I wore this shirt in a recent video I put up on my YouTube channel titled "20 Things I Learned By 20" if you want to check that out!
Shop Stevie is definitely one of my new favorite online boutiques, everything is so cute & affordable. Also they are currently looking for people as reps to sell their clothes! How cool?? You can get more information by going to their website & setting up a call with them if you're interested! -

For bottoms I have possibly the best and comfiest jeans I've ever worn from Simply Couture. Like, these are jeans that I would wear all day and I'm not someone who wears jeans all day. I'll usually go half the day and then change into sweat pants as soon as I get home, but as we speak I'm still wearing them from taking these photos.
Another highlight of this outfit are these sunglasses from Fantas-eyes. I've talked about these in previous posts but I want to be sure and link them in every post I mention them because they are just the best! I sometimes have a harder time finding sunglasses that look good on me but all of the ones that I've gotten from them are perfect!

If you couldn't tell by how much I'm gushing over all of these items, it's because when I find pieces I love I want to also share my love for them with all of my readers!

with love,
ashley paige

Sunday, February 19, 2017

twenty of my favorite things.

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday, February eighteenth was one of my favorite days ever because it is my birthday. And yes, I am one of those people who absolutely loves their birthday. All while growing up my mom would plan wonderful birthday parties for us which leaves me with very fond memories of the day. I also proceeded to turn into a seven year old party planner. Picking out color schemes, activities & going to the scrapbook store to pick out paper to make hand made birthday cards. I was a professional clearly haha
Of course growing older, there have been years I haven't really wanted to do anything in particular for my birthday or invite too many people. And that's okay, some years you just don't feel like it.

This year for my twentieth birthday I wanted to spend it with the people who mean most to me. In theatre's there is currently a live recording of the broadway musical Newsies which we went to go see! We saw it live two years ago for my sister, Abby's birthday and it was amazing! It was just as amazing & I loved it even more because I got to see everything up close & movie style!
Then for dinner we went to one of my favorite restaurant's that I loved to eat at when we lived in Colorado which is Mimi's Cafe. Such a lovely place, with a great atmosphere and they play jazz music.. Could it get much better??

For turning twenty and wanting this for memories sake, I'm going to share 20 of my favorite things.
It'll be fun to see if in a few years any of these things change.

1. Music. All kinds. As of lately my love for jazz, blues, funk & rock and roll has grown even stronger.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dream A Little Dream | Short by Ashley Paige

Hello lovelies! As said in my post yesterday, I am sharing with you my newest short film. This one was again in collaboration with my WILLIAMZ team.  This video is a favorite of mine because it combines a lot of my favorite things.  One being the 70’s style theme to the video, small town atmosphere, bubbles I got from the dollar store and the main inspiration for this video which is the song. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” - The Mamas and Papas version.
This has easily become one of my favorite songs as well as grown a special place close to my heart since my mom remembers listening to this version of the song a lot as a little kid. It’s things like that, that will sometimes make a song more important to you.. you know?

All of the pictures in this post are actually screen shots from the video & I love them so much!

As always, I hope you enjoy this video. Be sure to subscribe to my channel & click the little bell button to be notified when I upload. (Which I’ll try of course to make more often, but who knows really haha)

with love,
ashley paige

Sunday, February 12, 2017

68 & feelin' great

Hello lovelies! My outfit for today was actually spur of the moment. I was out filming a short film with my WILLIAMZ crew and we came across this adorable wall and so of course, knowing me, I had to take some outfit pictures in front of it. This might actually be my favorite wall ever. Until said otherwise it is. So don't be surprised if I go back here and take more pictures! haha
If you couldn't feel the vibes that are coming from my outfit. The style of the video was 70's themed. And these sunglasses from Fantas-eyes worked perfectly with this outfit! Y'all know I love my 70's things and these just take the cake. (Also the lenses are rose gold, so every time I wear them I think of the song La vie en rose.)

This is actually one of my favorite go-to outfit's if I really can't decide what I want to wear. It's that one that I know I'm going to like every time I put it on. And at this point in my life I think it's a really great thing to have one of those types of outfits.

My striped shirt is from Ann Taylor, jeans are from American Eagle and my shoes are from Vans!

If you didn't see my 'Sunglasses Collection' that I posted on my YouTube channel last week, it will be linked HERE. I showed my three pairs of sunglasses from Fantas-eyes as well as the coupon code NEW40 to receive 40% off your order!

with love,
ashley paige

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Hello lovelies! Today I am talking all about my Sunglasses Collection as well as some new editions that I received the other day from Fantas-eyes! The first three sunglasses in this video are all from Fantas-eyes and I think they are so cute! I can tell you right now you'll be seeing a lot of them on my blog and I can't wait to start adding them to my outfit posts!
Right now on their website they are having a sale if you use the coupon code NEW40 to receive 40% off your order!

In this video you may notice that I've been playing around more with different camera shots & colors. My brother Austin, got these really cool lights that can change color from this app on your phone. So with his help we were adding a lot of fun color to this video & I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I'm having a lot of fun putting more editing and camera shots into my videos and I hope that with each video the quality just keeps getting better and better.
ALSO when I went to go upload this video I saw on my YouTube channel that I hit 9,000 subscribers!! Thank you so much to everyone who watches my video and supports my channel, it really means a lot to me!


with love,
ashley paige

*Fantas-eyes did send me these sunglasses as part of a review. I am not being paid to promote these products and wouldn't promote anything I didn't completely love! (: