Dream A Little Dream | Short by Ashley Paige

Hello lovelies! As said in my post yesterday, I am sharing with you my newest short film. This one was again in collaboration with my WILLIAMZ team.  This video is a favorite of mine because it combines a lot of my favorite things.  One being the 70’s style theme to the video, small town atmosphere, bubbles I got from the dollar store and the main inspiration for this video which is the song. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” - The Mamas and Papas version.
This has easily become one of my favorite songs as well as grown a special place close to my heart since my mom remembers listening to this version of the song a lot as a little kid. It’s things like that, that will sometimes make a song more important to you.. you know?

All of the pictures in this post are actually screen shots from the video & I love them so much!

As always, I hope you enjoy this video. Be sure to subscribe to my channel & click the little bell button to be notified when I upload. (Which I’ll try of course to make more often, but who knows really haha)

with love,
ashley paige