red vans

sometimes when you and your brother have to get gas for your cars at the same time, whilst waiting you make him take some outfit pictures for you. because i mean, why not? i also just got my blonde freshened up, so of course i feel like a brand new woman once that happens.

i've been loving this adorable wrap top from urban outfitters! it's super cute and goes perfect with a pair of high waisted jeans. mine are from american eagle.
i of course am rocking a pair of vans. it wouldn't be a lux outfit without a pair of old skool vans haha i also got these off of urban outfitters.
oh, i guess my sunglasses are also from urban outfitters haha i've been finding all sorts of goodies on there if you couldn't tell.
i used to never shop there but now i've been finding all sorts of shirts and accessories that i've been loving to incorporate into my spring/summer wardrobe.

with love,