My mom & I watching the rest of the show Friday night! 

 Post Fashion Show Dessert. (Much needed chocolate haha) 

Hello lovelies! I'm so so excited about this post that I'm sharing with you today because these are some of the pictures that were taken during this past weekend at NWA Fashion Week 2017! I had the amazing opportunity to walk for Shop for Mankind & Ashley Little - Material Concepts! 
This was my first big fashion show & my first fashion week & it was one of the best experiences ever, I had so much fun!
Literally everyone I met was so kind and friendly, it was so cool to be around a group of people who all loved fashion so much!

Friday nights show I walked for Shop for Mankind and wore a very comfy and cute yoga/workout outfit. My hairstylist (who's name I didn't catch sadly) did MAGIC on my hair! The curls were perfect & I honestly wish my hair looked like that everyday.

Saturday night's show I got to wear this impeccable dress designed by Ashley Little. When I tried this on during my fitting last month I fell in love. It was seriously such a dream! I actually had my hair and makeup done several hours before I ever put on the dress so it was a little odd and people were a bit confused, (even though everyone thought it was awesome.) But once I put on the dress & necklace everything made sense and exactly how Ashley had pictured in her mind. Which, of course is what you want. I'm so glad that her vision came together exactly how she wanted it in every one of her looks. (Especially this one, it was a crowd pleaser!)

Our makeup was provided by Maybelline which I thought was so cool since I love their products! There was seriously so many makeup products everywhere, it was a beauty guru's dream!

I vlogged a bit of the weekend for memories sake. Which you can check out on my channel by clicking HERE.

with love,
ashley paige


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