Band Tees & Mom Jeans

Hello lovelies! I'm just sharing with you a quick outfit of the day since I was really digging what I wore earlier to go see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which was AMAZING! Also, to whomever organized that playlist.... just, thank you!

Last night I had the honor of wearing the crazy-amazing Marie Antoinette ball gown that I wore at NWAFW (pictures from the event coming soon... hopefully!)
But since I wore heels all day yesterday, that dress + hair that took an hour and a half to brush out. I decided today I would go for a look that was the complete opposite of that. Therefore, COMFY!

I have my new favorite ACDC tee from Hot Topic, paired with these glorious mom jeans that were in a pile of clothes somewhere in my house. (They are like 30+ years old so I don't have a link, but they are the LEE brand)
And to finish it all off, I'm wearing my Adidas Neo sneakers & sunglasses from Fantaseyes.

with love,
ashley paige


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