Happy Sunday lovelies! I hope your weekend was well! Yesterday my mom & I went shopping out around town and I got a couple new skirts (this plaid one being one of them) and some much needed new tights. It wasn't until I put the outfit on that I definitely felt some Gossip Girl/Clueless vibes going on.. Anyone else agree?

Oddly enough I find myself wearing more skirts & dresses in the fall/winter months rather than the summer. I've been like this for years now! I think maybe it's just because I like getting to pair them with tights.
I already have a couple different outfits picked out on how to style skirts for the fall/winter months, so those should be up within the next couple of weeks! (You can Subscribe to my blog to get updates on when I post about it!) Or of course, I'm always posting over on my Twitter & Instagram!)

What are some fall/winter pieces you are super excited to wear?? Comment below!

SKIRT: Kohls
SHOES: Jessica Simpson