everything pink.

hey guys! do you know how hard it is to find this color right now?? i've been on the hunt for good hot pink clothes for MONTHS and it seems impossible! the current trends of pinks right now and have been for a while now, are dusty pink and florescent borderline hurt your eyes pink. which both are great, but not what i've really been into lately.
these hot pink sunglasses i got from urban outfitters have been a favorite of mine since i got them, and trying to style them is a bit hard sometimes. but going full on monochrome and pairing them with a hot pink top and scrunchie seem to be a good fit to me! 

full disclosure. i got this shirt from michaels and just cut like three or four inches off the bottom to give it a cuter shape. and then turned that fabric into a matching scrunchie. 
i jumped back on the scrunchie train. not gonna lie, i haven't owned a scrunchie since i was probably 10, but because i'm very cautious about hair health i think not only is this a cute route to putting my hair up but it's also a lot healthier for my hair than a regular hair tie. 

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