keep it green.

hey loves! oh man am I over the moon excited that we are getting warmer weather! says that starting next week it's going to be warm all the time!! yay! so i've been on the hunt for cute spring/summer pieces and i'm really happy with what i've been putting together. lots of cute dainty tops, crop jeans, shorts and of course.. more sneakers!
i have a pretty standard idea of what i want my summer wardrobe to look like. very simple, classic and cute. i've found that i really like the shirts that cross in the front and then tie to the side like the one i'm wearing here.

this one in particular is from Forever 21 (currently out of stock in green, but they have a super pretty yellow and black color as well!) my jeans, which i'm really digging, are from the little girls section at target haha and of course my vans are my dark green old skool

what type of summer wardrobe do you like?

with love,