the new game.

Hey loves! So I don't know how many of you have been around since I started the blog, but one thing you may not know about me is I've had a big love for photography since the age of 13. For a couple years now I haven't really been taking pictures besides what you see on my social media that have been taken on my phone..
Yesterday I actually got a new dslr camera (mainly for my YouTube videos, to step up that game.) But it has inspired me to start taking more pictures! Portraits mainly. I love portraits.

My younger siblings (whom have been my models since day one) were my subjects for todays shoot. And I really like how this turned out! The colors, angles, everything! I'm really trying to find my own style of photography and I'm really liking this vibe.

You can expect to see many more shoots here on the blog as well as my Photography Facebook page I just opened back up - Ashley Williams Photography (may change that name... what do you think?)

I hope you accompany me on this new photography journey!

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 with love,