mon voyage à paris

Hello lovelies!! I'm FINALLY getting around to posting some of my most favorite pictures from my
trip to Paris. Seriously everything was worth taking a picture of & I actually have so many pictures from my trip but that would be one really long blog post so I shortened it down a bit for y'all haha 

As mentioned in my last post, Paris was our second stop after London. We took a train to Paris which was super cool and a nice change from all the planes we had been taking. I was still in a bit of a culture shock and quiet tired because the first day and a half I wanna say I was getting pretty stressed out. We managed to go to four museums in a week, two in London and two in Paris so we were on brain overload just a bit. (Also there was that whole thing where I didn't speak French, but y'know.) I am learning French now for the next time I go back and just for the fun of it, but at the time I was on my own little struggle bus. 

My brother, Alex had been to Paris and to different cities in France on trips twice before so he was pretty familiar with the area and already had ideas of where we should go and what we should see. 
Just like London, one of my favorite areas/places in Paris was the dock/warf area. One of the days we went down there, there was actually a Longboard Competition going on! (That's another story in itself, but I'll just leave you with that haha) 

We squished a lot of sight seeing/coffee drinking in the four days we were there. Also crepes, we ate a lot of crepes. 
I got to see the Eiffel Tower twinkle at night which was something I had really wanted to do. We did have to sit in the cold for a while, whilst waiting for it but it was oh so worth it. Also side note; the Eiffel Tower is SO BIG. Like I knew it was going to be huge, but was not expecting that. 
My over all experience was wonderful. The city is beyond beautiful & I most definitely want to go back soon!

Number rundown of all the photos:

1. La Vie En Rose
2. Carousel
3. Eiffel Tower
4. Musèe d'Orsay
5. Pretty street
6. Wall of "I Love You's"
7. Monceau Fleu
8. Longboard Competition
9. Mathis Lucas (one of the longboarders)
10. More Longboard Competition
11. One of the many cappuccinos I had
12. Flowers from Monceau Fleur
13. Eiffel Tower at night
14. Notre-Dame
15. Another pretty street

with love,
ashley paige


  1. Paris looks amazing. Everyone is enjoying the trip with you. The pictures took us to a completely different world. Thanks for the amazing share!


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