Maryland Trip - Part 1

Hello friends!
I know it's been a while since my last post and that is because I just got back from a trip to Maryland with my sister!
We went to visit some friends & we had so so much fun! We had been wanting to go on that trip since January, so we were very excited when we finally got to go! 

August is one of the best months to go to Ocean City Maryland since the ocean water is the warmest and there aren't as many people there. (still lots of tourists, but not as many as June)

 The first day we went to the beach and got to play around in the water for a while and eat lunch, then headed off to the boardwalk to look at all the shops. We were told by our friends that we HAD to try Polish Water Ice and I'm really happy I did because it was SO yummy!! Abby got watermelon & I got pinocolada with custard.

Second day we woke up early to ride bikes up and down the boardwalk. The boardwalk itself is around 2 miles long so it was quiet the little ride. We stopped at Malibu's Surf Shop (one of my favorite stores on the boardwalk) and then into a thrift shop down one of the streets, where I actually found a Malibu's shirt for wait for it.... One dollar! There is a rack of clothes outside the shop for a dollar and I found a Malibu's, Panama Jack & a RVCA shirt, each only for a dollar! I love finding good thrift shop deals! 

 For lunch we stopped at their families favorite place to go which is called Soprano's Pizza, which I HIGHLY recommend if you are ever there. So good!!
Afterwards we went back to the beach to swim. Which we may have been out there a little too long cause my face got a bit red and my sister got a pretty gnarly sunburn!

My friend Asher & I of course had to take an updated "Ash Square" picture. This one was taken in front of a really cool old house that is over run with vines and flowers. There were so many places there that were super photogenic!

 That's all for my part 1 of our trip, stay tuned for part 2!