Singin' In The Rain

Our Broadway Melody costumes!

With Johnny who is playing Cosmo Brown. 
I clearly did not receive the "Tall Sibling" memo. 
With Brandon who is playing Don Lockwood.

Victoria (aka Amanda Williams) 

 The week before Recital this year I auditioned for a local production of Singin' in the Rain. This was my first time having been in a musical since I have lived here and after helping out here and there with my siblings musical that debuted in the spring I knew I wanted to get in on the show action.
Being a dancer/actor/singer what have you, living this crazy thing called life there isn't too much we are sure about sometimes besides the love of wanting to perform, and to show what all the long hard hours have gone into.
We only had about two months to really get into our characters and perfect the scenes before show time started with our (wait for it) 13 performances. It's been a lot of long and exhausting hours (and some, kind of scary injuries) but in the end we got to see all of our work play off into a really great show!
I've made a lot of friendships over this summer too & the amount of support we've received from the cast, crew & director while being the new kids to this theatre really means a lot to me!

We still have 5 shows left..... So let's go out there and 'Make Em' Laugh!'

with love,