Trip to Orlando: Part 1

 It started pouring once we got to the airport but that didn't stop our excitement for Florida! 

 Shurelle & I at the top of Coca-Cola's new building at Disney Springs! 
The view from our hotel room! 


Hello friends! Today I am sharing with you part 1 of photos from my trip to Orlando this past week. Back at the end of May, my very good friend & co-worker Shurelle and I, both got scholarships to attend Barry YoungBlood's Nationals Convention, Hollywood Dance Jamz in Orlando! The excitement for this trip was unreal. And it became even more unreal when our boss Ms Grayce, told us she was going to pay our way so that we could attend this trip. I can't even begin to thank her & Barry enough for the opportunity to go and expand our knowledge and love for dance, that we did at this convention. This trip was full of such great memories & one that I will remember forever!! 

The first night we were there, we decided to go to Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) & since I had never been it was like a whole new world to me! (No Disney pun intended it just happened) I wish I lived closer so that I could go there more often! Shurelle & I actually ended up going the next two nights, one of which was on the 4th of July so we got to see multiple fireworks shows that were being put on by the surrounding parks. 

The next 3 days were filled with dancing, learning & building new friendships! I'll have more photos from those days which I will share in Part 2 which is coming soon!

with love,