70's Fab & Soft Plaid

 SHIRT: Walmart // JEANS: American Eagle // SHOES: TJMaxx // HAT: Target // BLANKET: Target

 If you weren't aware of my love for plaid (okay more of an obsession) & blankets... now you do! I just got this incredibly soft blanket from Target and I am in love! It kept me really warm while taking some outfit pictures while also looking incredibly cute as a photo prop. Makes me believe it'd be great for around the bon fire soon! 

As for my outfit, I've really been into the whole 70's vibe & apparently most stores have too. I got my shirt from Walmart on one of my trips to pick up some chalk for the new kitchen chalkboard (pictures to come!) and fell in love! I also have it in another color which you'll probably see here pretty soon. 

with love,