Today I bring you Coffee Talk Part 2!
It is now only 14 days until Christmas, and I really haven't felt in the holiday spirit yet this year.. Maybe because it hasn't snowed yet? (it really needs to, this is nuts!) I also need to hop on making/getting my christmas presents for everyone!
This weekend me and some of my extended family are having a pre-christmas type of deal, since they all live in a different state, which I'm excited for since we haven't all been together since 2005 or something crazy like that?

I made a list of holiday related things to do earlier this month on my phone, and I don't think I've gotten around to any of them besides the Christmas decorating around my house. One of my MUST NEED to do is look at christmas lights & cookie decorating!

I've recently been discovering a lot of great music lately, and have put it together in a playlist to share! I know it's not Christmasy, but this is an all year round type of playlist that have been some of my favorites.
I update it pretty frequently so if you follow this playlist on your account you'll see whenever I add some new songs to it!

with love,