6 Degrees Is Too Cold

 15/365: Saturday evening me and my brother went down into the Springs, so we wouldn't have to wake up super early to get to church the next morning. And it's a good thing we did. The roads were icy, so it would have taken even longer than wanted.
After church, we went out to coffee with Marissa, Mandee and Jack. Then we went to Kohls and Walmart afterwards.
It was about 6 degrees, and the wind was blowing all day, and since I am already cold all the time, I hated this.



  1. Oh gosh, I thought it's been cold here in Seattle but we're headed to Utah tomorrow and it's supposed to be in the lows 9 degrees! I may just die, ha
    xo TJ

    1. I hate the cold weather! I'm definitely more of a summer warm weather girl (:


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