New Years Eve Post

It is currently 6:22 on December 31'st of 2012.
This year hasn't particularly been one of my favorites, quiet frankly I can't remember most the stuff I did this year.
But what I can remember, a lot was good, and others not too good. But that's life, and you have to just go along with it.
As you've probably heard a hundred people say already, '2013 WILL be my year' and I do honestly believe that.
It's that gut feeling I have that I know great things will happen this year. I'm not too sure of what, but great things.

Every New Years Eve, me and my family have this tradition of eating tacos and ice cream sundaes. This tradition probably started 4 or 5 years ago and we've been doing it ever since.

What are some of your New Years Eve traditions?

Well to conclude this, I would like to thank you who have been with me this year. To my friends and family, and to the new year of 2013 were all going to have to share!