some recent snapshots.

i thought it would be kind of fun to do a type of post like i used to do where i just showed some of the recent snapshots i've taken over the weeks. not really specific to a date or a typical outfit post, but just some fun in betweens that usually get posted on my instagram story. (which you can totally go follow me over there - @ashleywilliamz) or on my vsco account.

these were from the past couple of days and i quite enjoy them. the cool pictures that look like they were taken on a disposable film camera i took using an app called 'HUJI'.

this type of post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers that i've been following literally since i was about 13, and that is BleuBird Blog.

1. a cute window area from a fashion fitting i was at
2. heli & i's longboards
3. austin ft. our taco bell trash
4. salon dayz
5. more taco bell
6. 1 am diner talks

with love,