Lux + Sacha's Cross Country Adventure: 
Our first night stop was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the places we had picked out that we for sure wanted to go while we were in town was Meow Wolf. If you've never been and are planning a trip to New Mexico soon (or aren't but still should go because of this.) I definitely recommend going! It is the coolest, oddest, most artsy place I think I've ever been to. I was probably about a eleven different types of confused the entire time, but that's one of the things that made it the most fun!
Every room looks different, there's a different vibe to everything and sometimes you just stand in a room and just have to soak everything in because nothing REALLY makes sense, y'know?

Little thing to add, make sure that you block off several hours because if you want to get through everything in one go it will take a while. We were in there for 3 or 4 hours I think and still ended up missing things, come to find out later.

with love,