Thanksgiving with The Culvers

Williams Family Photo 
Aunt Christi, myself, Cousin Jordan, Nana, Gabriella jumping up in the back, Alex, Mom & Austin. 
Abby, Mom, Aunt Kay & I! 
It was a plaid wearin', front porch rockin, pie eatin' kind of evening. 

Group dinner selfie!

 Nana & her Culver Kids
 Uncle Clay & Aunt Patricia 

 Aunt Kay with the Culver Kids
Uncle Gabriel capturing the Thanksgiving food line
Nana with all the Grandkids! 
Happy Holidays from the Addams Family 

Hello lovelies! As mentioned in my previous post, here are some of the photographs that we took for our family Thanksgiving this past week. It was such a fun time getting to see everyone and all smush together in one place for a fun filled couple of days.
I always get really happy when we all get together since it doesn't happen too often. I think the last time was 2 Thanksgivings ago? So pretty much it's been too long!

We also welcomed two new members to the family, Patricia and her son Alexander! I'm very excited to have a new Aunt & Cousin and getting to spend a couple days getting to know them and spend time with them!

Most of us arrived on Wednesday evening. After making an accidental detour to Tulsa, we arrived somewhere around 9pm. All day Thursday was spent visiting, eating lots of super yummy food, sharing what we are all thankful for and having my Aunt Kay & Granddad arrive. Which is always super exciting to get to visit with them!

Friday we went out to eat at this cute little southern eatery & we went into a secondhand store right next to it, which I quiet enjoyed since thrift shops and secondhand stores are some of my favorites. You find such cool pieces in there & you most likely won't run into anyone wearing it since it's older clothing haha
Then later after that we took all these photos and sat around the house playing card games, laughing and eating all the left over desserts (we had like 12 pies thanksgiving day!! so there were lots of leftovers!)

Saturday was our last day there, we cleaned up, got our stuff packed up and visited a bit more before we all took off our separate ways.
To my Family who is probably reading this, I love you all so much & hopefully we will get to visit again super super soon!!

with love,