Sequin & Top Hats

Do you ever find a clothing piece shopping and you just want to wear it every single day? That's how I feel about this amazing vintage sequin jacket I found at one of my favorite vintage stores ever, Revamp'd! My sister, Abby & I had been eyeing it a couple different occasions going in there and one day we just decided "hey, I'd wear this, you'd wear this, let's get it!"
I actually did a shoot with her the other day (pretty much wearing the exact same thing) that is over on my photography blog if you wanna check it out!

I styled my version of the look a little differently. My jeans are from American Eagle, boots are from Kohls and my hat is from a hat shop in Eureka Springs!

with love, 


  1. That is probably my favorite outfit you have posted. Love, love, love the jacket. Looks like something I would have worn in my heyday! The entire look is just fabulous!


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