Eureka Springs | Travel Post

 So since I got such positive feedback from my last adventure post, I thought I would keep doing them! This one wasn't climbing on a mountain, but it was still an adventure non the less.
My sister, Abby & I got up yesterday morning, stopped by Chick-fil-A for some breakfast and then headed to Eureka Springs. This was actually our first time there and we loved it! Such a cute town and the shop owners were the nicest!
Our first stop and somewhere that was on the top of my list was a hat shop. I actually didn't know that there were two, so that was a pleasant surprise later. I've been wanting a top hat for probably a good two or three years now, but have always been hesitant to buy one online because I wasn't sure how I wanted it to fit. So when I went into the first hat shop and got to find one that fit exactly how I wanted to I was so happy!
If you've been here for a while or just know me personally, then you would know that I am a huge hat lover and have many many hats!

Since we weren't too hungry when we got there after eating breakfast, we had some coffee instead at this cute little coffee shop called "Eureka Daily Roast".

We also wouldn't be us unless we found a record shop and took a stroll through there haha. Then we went into this one cool art shop where the owner had a Bengal cat! I had never seen one in person and it was so pretty! (And it's eyes were the most blue I've ever seen!)

I had been interested in going to Eureka Springs ever since I heard Kyla Rebecca from YouTube talk about the Cresent Hotel. And though we didn't go inside or stay, we did drive around it and it was just as expected... kind of really spooky haha

Where should we travel to next?

with love,