adventure is out there.

So this post isn't fashion or beauty related, but I wanted to share a fun adventure I had today as well as some thoughts. 

It's amazing how you can drive through the same mountain everyday & never get out and climb it.. Then there's that day that you do. And let me tell you, the view was great. 
I got very inspired sitting in my happy place & waving at the cars that dove by. It was a nice refresher to sit what somewhat felt on top of the world and feel so much peace and excitement all at once. 

The amount of beauty and wonder of the world that can literally be right outside your door is crazy and amazing and exciting and everything that I could ever hope for. Also just makes me want to go and climb everything. 

with love,  

(also to anyone confused. I did change my name on my social media's as just a little change. I sometimes get tired of my own name, so just go with it haha it'll probably get changed back eventually)