grunge vibes.

 Hello lovelies!
I've been wanting to do a blog post about this shoot for a while and I just got most of the photos so here it is! I did a fun project with 3 different photographers and if you've been following me on social media then you would've already seen that I've been posting these photos pretty much constantly!
This post has photos that 2 of the 3 photographers took. The first 7 are by "Darling Fox Photography" and the next 5 are by "Anne Marie's Studios"

We did 3 different locations, with 3 different looks that each of the photographers picked out and I just loved all of them so much!

I'm planning on sharing the other 2 looks very soon so keep a lookout for that!

BAND TEE - Hot Topic  (same one, different color)
JEANS - American Eagle
FLANNEL - Thrifted
SUNGLASSES - Charming Charlie

with love,