All About Orange

Hello lovelies! We've been having some awesome fall weather here lately (FINALLY) and I can break out all the jackets I've been accumulating over the past couple of weeks in preparation for my beloved fall weather.
I've worn different variations of this outfit for several days of this week. It's such a good staple outfit. Easy to throw on, comfy, and you just kind of feel cool y'know?

This jean jacket from Target is my new love! I've been on the hunt for a good jean jacket for probably a year now and haven't ever found one that I really like, most are too uncomfortable for my liking. So I was super stoked when I found this one!
My super bright orange shirt is from Old Navy. I'm trying to brighten my wardrobe back up again, I feel like I've been in a black and white tshirt only phase lately. And when's a better time to wear bright orange than October am I right??

These awesome black jeggings are from Dressing Your Truth. For me personally I have to roll them under at the bottom because they're a little long on me. (Short person problem. Not an actual problem haha) But besides that little step that takes no time at all they are amazing!

My shoes are from Vans, and you've probably seen them going all over social media lately. I've noticed more girls are wearing them which I'm all about because my favorite and preferred shoes since I was probably 14 have been Vans. They never do me wrong and they're always comfy and perfect haha

For accessories, instead of a purse I've been carrying around this backpack from JustFab. I've been reading "Doctor Sleep" by Stephen King, and anytime I have while I'm out to sit somewhere and read it I do and that's why I carry it around haha I think that's also a good tactic to try and read more. Literally just carry the book around everywhere. The actual contents of my bag are never excessive so it's never really heavy anyways.

My super pretty little swan necklace is from Dressing Your Truth, and I honestly could not tell you where I got my earrings. They may have been from my grandma??

 with love,