Living The Dream

*Photography by Tanner G. Burge - Demetrius Mccullough & Jeremiah Holman*

Hello lovelies! It's that wonderful time of year again when Rock Monkey releases their new seasonal collection! This will be my second year modeling for Rock Monkey and I love every time I get to get together with the 'Good Vibe Tribe'! I love these guys and every time we have a new shoot we have all sorts of laughs and make all sorts of new memories! 

If you might have known, fall is pretty much my favorite season. So I am ALL for the long-sleeves and crewneck sweatshirts. (I've actually been wanting one for forever so I'm stoked I now have one!) So comfy, so great. As always gets the star of approval from Ashley. 
Also, because the brand is all about living the dream and going on adventures, every time we shoot out in the forest or by a lake it always makes me want to go on more adventures! So much so I already have one planned for this weekend and hopefully I will take plenty of pictures of that. 

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a tee, sweatshirt or hat and go live the dream!! 

with love,