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Hello lovelies! I'm very excited about today's post because it is all about Warby Parker! And not just Warby Parker, but their new Summer Eyeglasses/Sunglasses "Midcentury + Modern" collection! As quoted from their website, 
"What do you get when you mix acetate and polished metal, put them in a time machine programmed to the year 1955 and refresh them for 2017? These." 
Being someone who loves all things vintage, I thought it was such an awesome mix for glasses. I think it's so cool to mix vintage pieces with newer elements to give it a modern twist. 
There are 3 styles, all of which come in 2 different colors and come in both eyeglasses & sunglasses! (This photo shows some of the different styles and colors from the collection!) 

Warby Parker just announced their new collection, and I wanted to share my favorite frames! To get the full effect of the Warby Parker experience and also to have photos to share with you all I actually did the "Home Try On" experience they have on their website. 
These are the 5 that I picked out and I think they are so so cute! My favorite ones are the silver framed circles ones (Milton) & the ones I'm wearing in the pictures at the top of the post (Ames). 'Ames' are the ones that I found were closest to this new collection. 
Just from seeing the photos on the website as well as media photos I got sent, you could easily wear any of the glasses or sunglasses with just about anything! You could dress it up and really get the 1950's effect, or dress them down for a more casual day look. Whatever sweetens your tea will work! 

If you don't know how the Home Try On works, you go onto the WarbyParker.com website, pick out 5 eyeglasses/sunglasses you want to try on and you get them shipped to your house and you have them for 5 days absolutely free! How cool?? At the end of the 5 days when you ship them back you can go online and pick which ones you liked the best to purchase. 
I filmed a Try-On video for my YouTube channel which is NOW UP! So go check it out by clicking HERE 

Which glasses from the new collection are your favorites? Also which ones from the photos above do you like best on me? Leave me a comment to help me decide! 

with love,