Hello lovelies! I know it's been a bit since I last posted. I've been busy & then was out of town. But I'm home now and here with a new post!
My family went on vacation to Myrtle Beach this past week & while we were there I filmed a fun little short film to share with you all.
I didn't take too too many pictures, but I did include some of my favorites in today's posts. We went to the Aquarium, rode Go-Karts, ate Italian Ice, spent lots of days at the beach & one of the coolest things, we rode in a Helicopter! Definitely a crazy experience. Different than just riding in a plane, since most of the helicopter is clear, you can see so much. It was really cool!

One of my favorite things to do while we were there was sit on our tiny back balcony and listen to the waves. Our condo was right on the beach so every morning I got to sit out there, drink my coffee & enjoy the moment.

We all had a wonderful time & I'm so glad we got to go on a trip together as a family.

If you want, in the comments let me know something fun you've done/are going to do this summer!

with love,