Hello lovelies! So spring is (one) of my FAVORITE seasons! Not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket! (Comment if you get that reference ;) haha)
I thought today I would share with you some of my favorite looks for this Spring/Summer.

First would be blue. I'm pretty sure blue is always a staple color for spring, but these combinations of blue are perfect! This blue lace up top is adorable & this long kimono has the perfect amount of blue & can easily be paired with lots of different top options.
Next up are ruffled off the shoulder tops. This one in particular is ADORABLE and comes in two different colors. How perfect?? I could totally see myself wearing this to a day out shopping, or even to a dinner on the beach!
I'm pretty sure these dresses can speak for themselves.. Too cute & perfect for so many occasions! Summer weddings, graduations, or any day you just want to wear a dress. Because I mean why not?

Last would be this plaid romper & white lacey top. These both scream "Let's Go On a Picnic" and I agree! While on the shoot I was totally like "where are the sandwiches??" haha

What are some of your favorite outfit pieces or style inspiration for this spring & summer?

with love,
ashley paige 

*Photography by Lamb & Meadow