A Hair Story.

When I was six years old I got my first major hair cut, I had always had long hair, and I decided I wanted shorter hair.
Being the little kid I was, I didn't dye or use hot-tools on my hair... it again grew down to my waist. It was wavy, and a pain to maintain, I usually just kept it in braids or pony tails. (which yes, little boys did tease me and pull them)
I decided I was threw, and cut my hair off. It was great! Until I realized I didn't have enough hair to do anything anymore...
Since last year I've been trying to grow my hair out, It doesn't seem to grow like it used to! But damaging it doesn't help it either.
Therefore I like to look at pictures, wishing I had the same hair haha

 If anyone has any hair tips that have helped them, I would appreciate it oh so dearly!!(:


  1. I watch this channel on youtube every week, and it gives me some make up and hair-do ideas. Some are really cool you can check it out if you want:


  2. soooo yes you are very right that straightening it and stuff doesn't help AT ALL! i've heard that showering in hotter water and massaging your scalp help your hair grow.
    Also that eating healthy snacks, exercising, and getting at least 9 hours of sleep helps too (:
    I've done my research... having your hair cut like a boy and growing it back... well it just aint fun!


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