BARCELONA | Travel Post

Hello lovelies! This is the last travel post I have (minus an outfit post that will be out soon) from my trip to Europe. Barcelona was the third country that we went to before heading back to London for the last week of our trip.
Barcelona was so amazing! It was beautiful, lovely weather & the food was SO. GOOD! We did lots of walking around the city and got to visit the beach a couple times.
The second day we were there we actually took a boat tour around the outskirts of the city, which was so great & I highly recommend if you are considering doing one! It was so peaceful, and you got to see the city from the outside which is kind of hard to do if you're walking around the inside of it.

The airbnb we stayed at was by far the most unique & coolest place I've ever stayed at. It was right in the middle of the square & the entrance from the outside was this really large door but there was actually a much smaller door cut out in the middle so when you went in it felt like you were going into some secret hide out. I have some pictures above showing what I'm talking about so you can see it for yourself! We had to walk up a couple sets of stairs to actually get to our flat but it was all worth it because it was like I said, super cool! Also our host was really nice and met up with us to give us the keys & told us great places to do some site seeing and good places to eat. So thankful for that!

One of the nights Alex had looked up places for us to eat and he found this place called Pizza Circus. It was this tiny hole in the wall place, but guys.... If you are ever in Barcelona. If you do nothing else, eat at this place!! By far the best pizza I've ever had. Hands down. It was the perfect proportions of crust to sauce to cheese & the pepperoni was kind of spicy and super fresh tasting. It was amazing! A slice was £2.50, so for both of us to get a slice it was only  £5.00 which is a pretty great deal in my opinion. And they're not small slices either, I only needed one to fill my lil stomach!

Quick little photo run down.. (I'll have links to the food places so you can see locations if you plan on going there!)

1, 2 & 6. Park Güell
3. Turò de la Rovira
4. The walk up to Park Güell
5. My almost daily cappuccino & croissant
7 & 8. Rocambolesc Geletaria 
9. A view from the inside of our flat
10. The beach. (Didn't know we were going to the beach that day, hence the jeans.)
11 & 12. Bernie's Diner
13. The port
14. A view from Park Güell
15. On the square
16 & 17.  Pizza Circus 
18 & 19. The cool entry way to our flat!
20. The ocean from our boat tour
21. Sand sculptures on the beach
22. The cutest little house

with love,
ashley paige