Hello lovelies! I would like to first start off this blog post by apologizing for my lack of posts over the past well.. three weeks. But I have a perfectly good explanation!. Way back when (probably around last August) I decided I wanted to go to London. So I texted my brother, the well known world-traveler and asked if he would go with me over spring break. He said yes and as the months went on we also planned to go to Paris. Awesome right?? Then about a week before we left, he called me up and said "Just keep an open mind.. But we should also go to Barcelona." (Once in Europe, plane tickets to different European countries are significantly cheaper) So we also went to Barcelona. But that isn't what this post is about. It's about London!

The first couple of days I was there I had actually made texts posts in my notes on my phone since I didn't have my computer with me about all the stuff that we did/were going to do, but in all honesty if I posted all of those this post would be way too long.
We were in London for a whole week before we went to Paris. It was the most amazing, awesome, slightly overwhelming experience all at once. I had never been to a city with that many people, rode on a metro, or stayed in an airbnb. So this was a whole new ball game for me. But it was so great and I'm so glad I got to experience it.
The first couple of days we were so jet-lagged with the six hour time difference + barely getting any sleep the two days prior to being there so we ended up sleeping til about 1 or 2 in the afternoon the first couple of days.. (I hate doing that but I'd rather that then be exhausted for the whole duration of the trip.)
*I'm going to have completely separate blog posts dedicated just to all the great food we ate in all the cities, so if you are planning a trip you can hear what I think of those places + where you should go.

Our second day consisted of going to Westminster. This is high time tourist area. When you get off on the Victoria stop you walk out and there is the Big Ben. It is such a sight & I was in awe every time I walked by it. It honestly blows my mind how in these really old cities there are buildings & architectural structures that are that detailed. It's incredible!
We walked around the shops, passed probably 11 Broadway shows that were happening which made my sister pretty jealous when I texted her. (Huge theatre fan)
And afterwards walked down to the SouthBank Warf. Which I think is one of my places honestly. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed warfs/docks until I visited London and then again in Paris. The whole dock/bridge/amazing structure (big ben, eiffel tower) combo really just gets me.

I'll end this here, but a quick little number run down for each picture to show where we were...
1. Big Ben
2. Around Covent Garden Market
3. Westminster
4. Inside our cute airbnb
5. Soutbank BookMarket (The warf/dock I was talking about)
6. Alex on the underground
7. The London Eye
8. Selfie I took before the wind took my curls
9. Beautiful buildings in Westminster
10. Pret a Manger coffee
11. Across the street from Buckingham Palace
12. London Overground
13. Piccadilly Circus

with love,
ashley paige