Hello lovelies!
As said in my last post sharing some of my favorite photos from my trip to London, I am back to share some of my favorite places that I ate at in London. Whether you are planning a trip, or just like to look at pretty pictures of yummy food, this post is for you!
These will vary from coffee shops, desserts to typical entrees so you will get a good range of places to eat.

First I'll start with the coffee shops.
The first week we were in London we stayed in New Cross, which is East London. The first coffee shop we ventured to was called "The Greenhouse Deptford". They had great coffee, yummy breakfast & played great music which is always a plus in my book. They also have wifi if that's something you need. I kept having bad connection to our wifi where we were staying so when I got to a coffee shop that was one of my only times to check social media haha

The second coffee shop we went to later in the week was called "Vinyl" and y'all.... This place is the coolest. It's a coffee shop/record shop so there are crates of vinyls everywhere. And there is a record player hooked up to speakers, so you can go through all the crates and once you find a vinyl you like you can play it and listen to it while you're drinking your coffee. How cool?? I found a Mama's and the Papas record when I went in there so that's what we listened to and I got put in the best mood.

Now moving onto some yummy places to grab a bite to eat..

We of course had to try some fish and chips while we were in London, I mean c'mon.. It's almost mandatory. We walked a bit down in  Greenwhich when we came across this cute little joint called "The Golden Chippy". I believe my brother had found this place online and they had reviews for being the best place to get fish & chips and I completely agree with that. The food was super yummy, not greasy at all. And what's better is that all of these restaurants will give you salads with your meals which is cool because that's not always something that's just added with your food here in the states.

Changing locations a bit, while in Westminster we stopped and grabbed a burger at "Bleecker Street."  One of the best burgers I've had in a while, so I highly recommend going there if you just want a good place to stop in and grab a bite while you're out sight seeing.

Now onto desserts! If y'all know me, then you would know that I'm all about a good cupcake or molten lava cake.
I came across two of the CUTEST bakery shops ever and I of course have to share them with you.

The first one being "Primrose Bakery".  This is located in Westminster and when you come to the street it's hard to miss. The outside is a beautiful butter yellow & the inside is even cuter!

We got a salted caramel cupcake I believe and it was so good! I wish I had made it back there to try more of the cupcakes. I give it two thumbs up!

Then my last place would be one that is super popular all over Instagram and a place I knew I wanted to go for a while now. And that would be  "Peggy Porschen Cakes."

The iconic pink bakery located in Belgravia is definitely one to go out of your way for. I had some mishaps with my map while I was trying to figure my way around town on a couple of different occasions. So getting to these places took me a bit longer than it should of. But once I was there, I was a happy little camper.
I got the Raspberry Lemon Cake & Rose tea. I know I keep just referring to everything as yummy or so good but I don't know what else to say... It was all so good! I wish I had more of that cake right now actually...

I hope this helped someone with good recommendations of places to eat if you are going to London soon!
If you have been to London, what were some places you enjoyed going to? Leave them in a comment!

with love,
ashley paige