Runway Regal

Hello lovelies! The other day I was asked to walk in a fashion show for one of my favorite stores, Simply Couture & of course I jumped at the opportunity! The fashion show had a lot of different boutiques and was held in a convention center so as the looks were walking down the runway you could go to their booth that was set up and buy the outfit! (My whole look was actually bought shortly after I got off the runway)
It was so much fun & I actually ended up seeing a lot of familiar faces from Fashion Week, some of my dance students as well as people I hadn't seen in a while.

This was my first time walking on a runway stage and from the pictures you can't tell, but the stage was actually about 5 feet off the ground. Which was a little nerve racking cause even though I wasn't that high off the ground my brain was totally playing me making me think I was like fifteen feet off the ground! (I was fine once I reached the end haha)
Also can we talk about that GORGEOUS lighting piece in the background?? Stunning!!

Now moving on to outfit details....

I love the monochromatic look of the whole outfit with the subtle pop of color being the navy shorts which are the cutest, high waisted shorts with a tie on the front.
The blazer I'm wearing is actually one of those really cool blazers that's a mix of a cape and a blazer together. So you don't have full sleeves but still have that really sleek and elegant look which I think can really dress up any outfit. Underneath I'm wearing a plain black tank top & for accessories I have on this super pretty gold necklace.


with love,
ashley paige

*Photography by Lamb & Meadow