Hoodie Love

Hello lovelies! Today's shoot is a favorite for me because it showcases two of the COMFIEST outfits I've probably ever put on. 
Okay first of all... Hoodie dresses. Whoever came up with these is pure genius because I honestly didn't want to put anything else on after that I was just like, yep I'm good. haha! And with it being that time of the year where it's just blatantly cold all the time, these are a good essential to have. You could totally wear these with fleece lined tights or just as a really over sized hoodie with some jeans I think would be really cute! 

When I first saw these I instantly thought "Zendaya". Because these are totally something she would rock, especially in her new clothing line which I adore! So of course I had to grab some inspiration from her and wear my black & red Air Jordan's with the black hoodie.

With the Olive hoodie I wore my burgundy over the knee boots. Which if y'all have seen some of my last posts you would know i'm pretty much obsessed with! And to tie that whole outfit together I paired this burgundy cross body with it. This outfit was perfect because the comfiness of the hoodie dress paired with the over the knee boots to keep your legs warm. Pure perfection. 10/10 highly recommend.

What are some of your winter outfit essentials/must haves? Leave them in the comments or Tweet them to me!

Black Hoodie Dress
Olive Hoodie Dress
Crossbody Bag

with love,
ashley paige

*photography by Lamb and Meadow