Red's, Bred's & Spider-Man Games

Today's post has a particular red theme which I am totally okay with seeing as red is one of my favorite colors! We celebrated my younger brother, Austin's birthday yesterday (Sunday) since his birthday is actually on Tuesday and we wouldn't have all been able to get together that day for as long. We made our first stop at Steak & Shake which of course was great. Then went to play laser tag, which can I say the place we went to was SO COOL! It was in this huge warehouse and the set itself set up like an abandoned building that was three levels (never made it up to the third level) and there were some old cars around it. The lights were dimmed and sometimes flashing and there was suspenseful & storm music playing in the background which most definitely made me feel super cool and like I was in a movie! So what I'm saying here is that I really want to go back!
And finally after that we went to this super cool 90's arcade that all my siblings minus me had already been to. Pretty much you just pay a $5 entrance fee and you can play any arcade game you want. It just has a start button on the side so that you don't have to use quarters. (How cool??)
I of course ended up finding the Spider-Man game and spent most of my time playing that, which I then stated to my brother that I wanted to buy haha
The arcade also gave us some lollipops on our way out incase you are wondering what it is I'm munchin' on in the outfit pictures!

I hope everyone had a fun & safe weekend as well!

JEANS: American Eagle
BANDANA: Hobby Lobby
WATCH: Kohls