Roadtrips & Waterfalls

(^^ Hana took this photo!) 

 Hello lovelies! This past week my good friend Hana & I went adventuring into the Ozark Mountains in search of some waterfalls! We did find one, but the water level wasn't high enough so the waterfall wasn't as big as it probably would've been a couple months ago when we were getting a lot of rain.
Before we had gone out in search of the waterfall we found this river over by where we parked our cars that we came back to swim in (which felt so nice since it was so hot out!!)

Then after our long drive back almost to the main road we stopped at this really cute convenient store to grab some drinks & snacks before heading home.

It was so much fun getting to just get away for the day & go and adventure life and see all of nature's beauty!

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