Memorial Day Weekend

 Flowers Abby & I received from recital! 
Memorial Day Outfit 

 our baby chicks, which aren't too little anymore! 

Hello lovelies! Remember me? I know it's been a while since my last blog (I say every time I go over a month without posting) but this past month has been all sorts of busy! Getting ready for recital, auditioning for Singing in The Rain (made the ensemble!) recital week, dance workshops & performing in a variety show at a local theatre. Overall, I'm a bit tired but so thankful for all the things I've been able to do this month! 
This weekend in particular has been a great one, something really exciting happened for me and a couple other dancers at our studio while taking a workshop and I will be blogging about that later! 

Yesterday my sister asked my mom if she would make some fried chicken & mashed potatoes for dinner, and since I had never made it before and wanted to learn how I offered to do so. I think I did pretty well (with mom's instructions and some help of course) we also had some peach tea & chocolate cake which just made it all the better! I can now add that to the list of things I know how to make! 

outfit details: 
dress: Target
shoes: TJMaxx

with love,