Spring Blossoms

Oh how I love these tree's! I'm not even exactly sure what they're called, but they are blooming all over town and I'm just in awe every time I see one! The weather was perfect the other day for me to wear my new dress I got at Target. And honestly not even meaning to, but this but the entire outfit is actually from Target. (Who doesn't love target, am I right??) I just got the dress and shoes the other day so you should be able to find them & the hat I picked up a couple months back.

I would also just like to take a second to talk about how AMAZING these photos are! I had such a great time getting to shoot with Madison Oliver Photography! & y'all are gonna love the other photos from the shoot!

with love,


  1. Wonderful photos! You are so beautiful and photogenic! And as far as the tree goes, I think it is a Downy Serviceberry, or just Serviceberry tree.


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