Young Living Oils + HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER

^^ Oils case from Rosebud Birdie on Etsy! 

^^^ Two of my favorite oils! 

I know my blog has mainly been beauty & fashion related, but I wanted to start incorporating more home related things. One of the biggest things that you'll notice in my house from the moment you walk in, is the smell of Young Living Essential Oils. We practically are all using at some point through out the day because they are so versatile & since we all love the smells of them so you'll find a diffuser or two around. 

I got my own Everyday Essentials kit last year for my birthday when I signed up as my own member, and let me tell you these have come in handy a lot since then! I thought I would share what I use a couple of the oils for when it comes to everyday uses, starting with two of my favorites! 

This has been a go-to of mine for years now. When I was younger (and still now let's be honest) I would sometimes spend too much time in the sun and get burnt, so  I'll use Lavender to help the burn & let the healing process go by a little bit faster. It's also great to use for headaches! 

Stress Away: 
As someone who's a pretty anxious person at times, this has been my best friend during different seasons. Stress Away, Valor & Lavender are some of my go-to's when it comes to anxiety and stress. They really help you to calm down & are also great to use before bed to get a really good sleep! 

Peppermint is one of those oils that is very versatile. I use it from anything to rubbing it on my temples when I have a headache, taking it with water or rubbing it on my stomach when I have a stomach ache or dropping it in my coffee to have peppermint flavored coffee. It's a very strong oil, so you really don't need much! 

Thieves is also a household favorite of ours. Young Living also sells Thieves in a household cleaner form, spray, soap & one of our favorites.. Hand sanitizer. It's a very disinfectant product and can be used for lots of different things. I personally like to use the Thieves spray on my feet after dance right before I put my socks & shoes back on so they're not so smelly. (Dance feet, ew) 

There are so many oils, and so many great uses for all of them. I would HIGHLY recommend getting yourself some! My family has been using them for nine years now and it's one of the best decisions we've made! 
The Everyday Kit would be my recommendation if you want to test out some of the oils I've mentioned above + some more! (The new kit also has a few different oils in it. This is mine that I purchased last year) 


You can go onto and click "Become a Member", once you're there click the button under the "Membership Details" and "Who Introduced You to Young Living" click "I was referred by a member and have their ID number" then all you have to do is put in my member number - 2617136 under "Enroller ID" & "Sponsor ID"