With A White Picket Fence

It's been another good week. Busy as usual, but good. After months of wanting one, my dad & I finally built a chalkboard for the kitchen, which I am IN LOVE with! It's adorable and adds just a bit more hominess to the home.

Went to the fabric store earlier to pick up some different fabrics for a project I'm going to start working on tomorrow. I can already tell I'm going to have some extra fabric left over, so I'm trying to think of another thing to make.... thinking, thinking.... 

Also went through some boxes and found some of my handkerchiefs and my scalloped trimmed pillow case. I want to do something with those as well, and I know I have a couple more handkerchiefs lying around somewhere, just don't know where they are exactly haha 

I've definitely been in the crafty/homemaker/thrifting mood lately more than usual. Which also means I've been posting some cute photos over on my instagram so go follow that if you want to keep up some more with my life! @ashleywilliamz 

with love,