Seas The Day.. Adventure is Out There

 May or may not have freaked out slightly earlier when I got the mail and saw my package from Ashton Brye in it.. My sister especially has been wanting this 'Seas The Day' shirt for a while now. (If you're a Newsie's fan like she is, you can understand why she finds amusement in the pun.) I love it because it reminds me of the ocean and if you know me then you know that's one of my favorite things! 

Ashton released this "Adventure Is Out there" shirt a while back and it is SO cute! The color is so pretty and reminds me of fall. 

I went on an adventure yesterday but after getting this shirt I want to go on another one right now!! 
(Speaking of Adventure, you can check out my Adventure Vlog on my channel - HERE

Go get yourself one of these tee's or many others over on

with love,