blue hues

October 28th: 

I know I haven't been too great at keeping up with my fashion portion of my life here on the blog. But if you know my schedule as of late then you would know I spend most days of my week in a dance studio, therefore my style consists of leggings and a cute Ashton Brye t-shirt. 

I have however, been trying to keep up with my YouTube channel and posting regular videos on there. One of which was requested today by my best friend Hannah to do a 'Get Ready With Me - Fall Edition'. That will be going up later today so go subscribe to my channel to get notified when it does! 

When I do get to wear my casual outing clothes, they usually have something to do with jeans and a flannel. (I'm currently obsessed with flannels right now, it's a little crazy I think I have 12) 
On a random side note, I have rekindled my love for my boot cut jeans. They do make me look extra short but as my sister told me the other day "You look short everyday, why does this day make a difference?" Good point sister. 


SHIRT: Target 
FLANNEL: Thrifted 
JEANS: American Eagle 
JEWELRY: Target & Kohls 

with love,