SISTER STYLE: Ashton Brye + Black & White's

 MY OUTFIT // SHIRT: Ashton Brye // SHORTS: Target // SHOES: Lucky Brand // SUNGLASSES: Charlotte Russe
ABBY'S OUTFIT // SHIRT: Thrifted // SHORTS: Ann Taylor // SHOES: Vans // HAT: Forever21 

 Who's loving Sister Styles?? I love putting together outfits with my sister & doing photoshoots in them. Half the time we're wearing the other's clothes so it's always fun to see each other's style on the other person! 
I've been loving wearing my Ashton Brye tee's this summer, and I know Abby has too! Every time I'm about to stick on the "Tea Time" shirt, she already has it on! haha 

I was also enjoying my extra fluffy hair today. The humidity calmed it down after a couple hours, but I was feeling very Tori Kelly for a little bit!

with love,