pearls n' curls

Got a little more dressed up today for my day out shopping with my sister & friend Hana. Loving the combo of striped shorts & pearls. Also I swapped out what some have referred to as my "suitcase" with this cute clutch. Definitely keeps you from carrying around things that really aren't needed! 
Lots of the stores around town were having sales, so I managed to get some really cute sneakers from Charlotte Russe for less than $10! (Can you tell I've been really loving that store lately??) 
Found a Van Halen vinyl for my brother at one of the local shops, and got some soccer pants from Academy. Going to come in handy this week while I'm at dance convention! 

SHIRT: Justice (yes the kids store haha) 
SHORTS: Thrifted 
SHOES: Kohls 
JEWELRY: Dressing Your Truth 
PURSE: Borrowed 
SUNGLASSES: Charlotte Russe 

with love,