Hello lovelies,
This is my new series. Coffee Talk. It's simple, and by no means original, but a cute title for when I just want to come and talk about things going on in my life or some plans for the future. Just as if we were somewhere getting coffee together. So what do you say, want to get some coffee with me? 

It's the 7th of December, a full week has already gone by during this last month of 2014. Crazy isn't it? It seems like just a few weeks ago was the beginning of the year and I was preparing for competition, (which I will be doing here pretty soon) but just thinking back, so much has happened, and yet it has just seemed to have flown by. 
I'll be the first to admit, I am always looking forward to the future. I have never been someone to live in the present and focus on the now. I'm always more of, 'what can I do this weekend-next month-later this year' rather than, 'what can I do right now'. And it sometimes sucks, because while I'm busy focusing on what I can do later, I'm missing all of the amazing things happening right now. 
That's definitely one thing that I want to start doing. I guess you could put it on my 'New Years Resolutions' list, but I'm just trying to make it a forever thing. 

If y'all would like to write in the comments you're own version of Coffee Talk or if you have a blog and would like to link me to it I would love to read it! 

with love,