Where Have I Been??

It's been several months..... again! I bet y'all aren't surprised, since I've said I would try to blog more but still don't. Many apologies. Lots of things have happened that I would love to fill you in on!

My first year as a company member of DANCE est Joie has ended and I've had a nice little two month break (auditions for this coming 2014-2015 year are actually tomorrow!) I've still done some dancing during the summer so I didn't just completely stop, that would be a little hard to get back into my regular routine if I did that!
These are a couple of the pictures from our recital back in May! I have loved being apart of the studio and company and am very excited to start my journey second year around!

Besides some of the dancing I've been doing, I have also been helping out at my church a lot. Working in KidLife and helping put on VBS that we did a couple of weeks ago!
I have an exciting announcement, but I think I will save it for it's own blog post. So stay tuned for that!

Hopefully those of you who have continued to read my blog, don't mind me not posting very often.... or at all at times!

Until next time,